About me

Hi,  thanks for visiting.
I’m Dairo – an Artist originally from Colombia, now living in London.  I love painting, started as my hobby and later became my profession, I appreciate design in everyday things, I like going for long walks, visiting places, taking photographs, and meeting artists and creative minds.

Please have a look at my website, if you want to know more about my paintings, current work and next exhibitions.

Dairo Vargas - Artist

Art changes…
I believe that art can change people’s life for better, so you will also find regular stories about “La Escalareta” a children home that I support, in my hometown Huila, Colombia. If you like to see some happy faces, click here.

My art has been exhibiting in several galleries in the UK and around Europe. See the list here.

Apart from my job
I have worked in ddvertising, as an Art Director for BBDO and other ad agencies.
I worked as an Art Teacher at Barnardos’ UK leading charity, very fulfilling.
I do photography retouch and work as an Assistant Photgrapher.
Most  weekends I become my own Tour Guide.

Let’s be friends on:

Gracias 🙂


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