Going to rehab

The first time I went to the Clinic, I saw this young man struggling to do few steps, even with two carers helping him out. Doing one step was a massive effort and at the same time, a big achievement.
We do things unconsciously that doesn’t seem to be important at all; walking, talking, eating…are part of our daily routine. These actions only seem to matter when we can’t perform them anymore. Today I’m feeling grateful and fortunate to be healthy and be able to move, think and do anything I like. Today, on my way back to London from Bagshot, where I just finished tutoring my weekly art lesson at the clinic.
Everything started last year, when I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Ali, as he attended one of my exhibitions through a close friend of mine. As we spoke, he seemed to be interested in my work, and few weeks later he invited me to visit one of his clinics, Ascot Rehab, in order to create an special class for its patients. We opened a space dedicated to art, as part of the therapy, where I teach them how to paint. Few hours a week where they can dream and think about something else, learn some art techniques and create their first masterpiece.
It’s been already 6 months. Time flies! Working together and seeing the outcome of the patients have been an incredible experience. Taking into account that many of the patients that come in for the fist time have lost one or several of their senses, some of them can’t speak, walk or even move.
Ascot Rehab provides high quality rehabilitation services for those diagnosed with neurological conditions, after suffering traumatic brain or spine injury. With the help of an amazing team of doctors and carers, patients have unbelievably recovery like the young boy that I saw the first time I visited the place, struggling to walk few steps while being supported by two carers.
Today I saw the young man again, now he is able to walk properly, and he is creating beautiful work at my classes. My pupils are doing a great job and I’m feeling very proud to share some of the artwork that my brave and talented Ascot patients have produced.

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