‘Metal and Sculpture’ at Central Saint Martins

I always wanted to get more into sculpture so this week I started a ‘Metal and Sculpture’ course at Central Saint Martins. We are a small group, learning how to safely manipulate tools and machinery. Learning practical skills and techniques associated with the fabrication of steel and aluminium sculpture. 

We had our fist lesson on wellding and the rest of the equipment such as gas powered forge, bending and folding machines, mig and arc welders, chop saw and a plasma cutter. It is so exciting! My favourite is the plasma cutter, it’s like hand drawing but with metal. I will show you the final masterpiece later, so far I just want to share with you the process.

Dairo Vargas- Sculpture4Dairo Vargas- Sculpture3 Dairo Vargas- Sculpture2Dairo Vargas- Sculpture3 Dairo Vargas- Sculpture1



One response to “‘Metal and Sculpture’ at Central Saint Martins

  1. Wow that looks pretty challenging. Good luck with that and learning new skills – I look forward to seeing the completed ‘masterpiece’. One of many I am sure. A x


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