DIY – How to stretch your art canvas

Hi everyone! Today is DIY post. I prefer creating my own canvas because
1. You can find better materials
2. You can do the size that you want 

What you need
A. Primed canvas, as it comes already with the white coat layer ( you can buy unprimed canvas but you will need other materials )
B. 2 pairs of wooden stretcher bars
C. Staple gun with plenty of staples
D. Utility knife or scissors
E. Canvas pliers
F. Tape measure


Simple steps to stretch your own canvas

Step 1. Assemble the stretchers bars, making sure they are squared by using a T-square or measuring diagonally, both corners should be equal. The stretcher bars that I use have a lip that stands slightly higher to hold the canvas a little further away from the bar.


Step 2. Turn your stretcher frame on the canvas with the lip facing down. Allow enough room on all sides for the canvas to fold over the edge of the stretchers and be stapled on the back. Before trimming make sure the canvas is perpendicular to the stretcher bar.


Step 3. Place your stretcher frame, centrally on your canvas with both the canvas and the stretcher facing down. Fold over the canvas and staple in the center of each side of the stretcher frame.


Step 4. Keep on working from the initial staple, leaving aproximately 3 inches between each staple. Keep tigh and consistent tension using your players or finger on all sides.


Step 5. Folding over the corners can be tricky. First, pinch the canvas into 2 triangles, fold down tight the first triangle against the frame into an angle.


Step 6. While holding the first fold with one hand, pinch the second triangle with the other hand and fold it along the edge of the frame, staple it down.


That’s it! Now you have your canvas ready to use!



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