Visiting Art 14

Last weekend I headed to Art 14 London, made it to its last day.
Art 14 is one of the best contemporary art fairs, this year in its second edition in London, exhibiting during 4 days works from all corners in the globe. 180 galleries from 40 countries and more than 700 artists, so just imagine the variety of work and the time you could spend in there.
I started my tour by walking quickly through the entire art fair, taking a glance and making notes of galleries and artists that I found more interesting. The best part for me is coming back to admire them in detail, deconstructing in your mind, leveraging them and letting them interact with you, playing with your senses.
I really liked the work of Dominic Harris, Baby Flutter, his butterflies are a wonderful experience. It is an interactively controlled artwork that allows the user to engage and play with it, like a living portrait.

Baby Flutter from Cinimod Studio on Vimeo.

Also, found interesting the Tombstone IV Please Don’t from Cameron Platter. It is part of a new series of monumental sculptures hand-carved in timber. His work takes a different meaning when placed in different scenarios. I found out that Platter likes to explore and elaborate on reality, through fantasy and satire, using themes appropriated from South African pop culture. This walls are part of an ongoing, projected ten-year series of large-scale documentary drawings.
Wall IV - Cameron Platter
And lastly, I would like to invite you to have a look at Alexander Ochs Galleries, they have a fascinating display of work. I discovered it through “Waterfall” an installation by Chinese artist Zhao Zhao.
Waterfall - Zhao Zhao
Art 14 had an incredible mix of art by artists from Asia, the Middle East and Africa as well as the West discovered; from painting, interactive installations, sculpture, photography, to innovative art work. I believe good weekends bring bright Mondays. Let’s plan the next one!

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