My trip back home

On December I had the chance to go to Colombia. After 2 years of non-stop working finally I had the time and savings to see my family and friends.

I arrived to Bogotá, where most of my relatives live. From there I took my mom to a trip to Medellín. Yes, only my beautiful mother and me. It is interesting how life changes, when I was younger I kept planning trips with my friends, leaving family trips set aside. Now that I live in another country, I really appreciate spending time with her.

Medellín is the second main city in Colombia, green, very organized with lovely landscapes, kind people always ready to help and a lot of entrepreneurs. It’s a city that keeps developing, the only one with a metro and also a transport system for people that live in the disadvantaged areas.

After few days there, we head to El Peñol to see “The Rock of Guatapé”, a gigantic monolithic formation in the middle of the valley. You can notice it from very far distance and its very difficult to understand it size.

El Peñol Stone

We took the challenge and decided to climb the 650 steps to the top. It was breathtaking literally; apart from the exercise, you get a magnificent view, clear sky and small islands. I loved the variety of blues and greens vanishing in the distant and mixing with the sky.

Guatape Dam – El Peñol

I knew immediately that this would be a great source of inspiration for my next collection. At the top of the stone, I felt lucky to be there, it was a great sensation seeing everything from the top, like planning the year ahead. I know 2014 it is going to be great for everyone. We don’t need a big plan, just a big stone to stand on.

View from El Peñol Stone


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