They are all so grown up!


Your generous, kind and constant support for the past six years has helped me raise funds for the children’s home of La Escalereta in Huila, Colombia at every Christmas time.

Now Carlos, Rafael, Wilmer and other children are graduating to Primary School!

It helped children like Carlos, Rafael and Wilmer, to be able to learn and play and provided them with gratefully received gifts, scholarships, school supplies and equipment that the kindergarten would not have been able to afford on its own.

Time has passed. Now these same children are making the big transition from kindergarten to primary school, which should really be an exciting time! But, sadly, we’ve discovered that many of the parents are still not able to pay for the higher fees, school uniforms, books and other essentials.

Our goal this Christmas is to raise the money for them, so they can continue with their education and enable them to enjoy this important stage of their childhood development.

So again, I would like to invite you to make a contribution no matter how small it will go a long way. Last year we raised £1107, let’s see if we can top it for 2013.


Thank you for your support!

Dairo Vargas

Note: La Escalerata school provides services for more than 80 children from poor families in Huila, Colombia. It gives them the opportunity to learn, read, write, play and receive healthy meals, but it still needs support for books, school supplies, toys and money to pay for tuition fees.


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