My first day at school


A few days ago I heard my mum and dad talking about a fantastic place where they will take me to meet new friends and to have fun. The day came and I was there, a massive blue metal door stood in front of me – I was a bit scared, suspicious, and very anxious to see inside and discover new things. I was already missing my mum and some tears ran down my cheeks, before a smiling woman took me by the hand and with caring words assured me that everything would be fine.

While we were walking down the seemingly infinite corridor I just turned my head from side to side overwhelmed by the colours, spaces and shapes and sounds.

Finally we got to wonderland – an amazing place filled with thousands of colours, balloons, games and toys everywhere. There were lots of kids jumping, laughing, playing, running and screaming like I never heard before. It was an incredible experience and I wanted to do it again and again.

That was the first, most important step in preparing me for the long journey of life.

I don’t really remember when I was taken to school for the first time – but I like to think that children at La Escalereta are having these experiences thanks to your support.


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